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Who I am

  • Working Artist
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Art
  • Buffalo State Graduate
  • Passionate Painter




My name is Tyshaun Tyson, but you can call me “The Left-Handed Bandit”. I am an independent artist out of Buffalo, NY specializing in both traditional and urban art. I am proficient in multiple mediums of art including drawing; airbrushing, painting; photography and so much more. “The Left-Handed Bandit Artistic Services” was founded in 2015; and based on a child hood nickname relating to the fact that I am left-handed. I use my left hand to transform a wide variety of canvases and textures into works of art.

I am a product of my environment. Being the youngest of six siblings, I was often the butt of most jokes and ridicule. When I was six years old, I saw my older brothers drawing at the kitchen table one afternoon after school. I was so fascinated by their drawings that I asked to join them. To my dismay, they turned down my request and chased me away. Being the dramatic little kid I was, I wanted to get revenge (ha ha) so I went to my room and picked up a pencil and paper and started drawing. I drew, and drew, and drew some more. Since that day I have never stopped drawing, and I even picked up some cool new creative tricks along the way.

I received my Bachelors Degree of Art in 2013 from Buffalo State College. There I was exposed to the more

structural ideologies behind Fine Art. While I appreciated the art history aspect from my college experience I did not benefit greatly from the technical aspect. I have always clashed with most of my art instructors through the years because of my views in approaching ones technical process. While most instructors believe in a more specific route to the outcome I believe that there are infinite ways to create a beautiful piece of art. It is this very belief that sets my style and my work apart from other artists. I usually get most of my inspiration from the things that surround me on a daily basis such as my family, friends, peers and other personal encounters in life. I try my best to express myself in each and every canvas, making no piece the same as the last.

I started this website to finally begin showcasing my talents. I want you, the viewer; to see what I’m truly capable of. I’ve been practicing my craft for the last 20 years and I fall deeper and deeper in love with the creative process everyday. I aim to inspire anyone; and everyone involved in the Arts to pursue their dreams and express themselves as freely, creatively and relentlessly as they can; because at the end of the day its the art that will outlast us, and not the other day around.

So I ask you; “Where is your Passion?”